There is something in the air at the First United Methodist Church of Sachse.  You can feel it when you walk into the church on any day, but especially on Sunday mornings.  It is something wonderful, and yet, hard to define.  You get a chill on a hot day.  You are warmed on a cold day.  Every Sunday, we invite the Holy Spirit to be present in our worship time, but you can also feel the presence of the Spirit of God there, and everywhere on our campus, every day.  That’s what we are feeling:  a renewed presence of the Spirit of the Lord, and the Spirit’s presence is renewing each of us! And you are invited to be a part of this.

We are creating an environment in which all people feel welcomed and instantly at home. We are a place where people are nurtured in the roughest of days and affirmed in the best of days.  We want you to be a part of this. Most of all, our prayer is that all people will find here a place where they may grow spiritually and find new opportunities to serve their neighbor.

You are invited to share the presence of the Lord together; to be part of creating a space where people of all ages may nurture their relationship with Jesus Christ in ways that lead to growth in faith and in service; to come to a place where our first-time guests and our long-term members all feel the Spirit of God at work.
Experience traditional worship every Sunday beginning at 8:30 or our second service at 10:45 AM in our sanctuary.

Please note: September 30th is a fifth Sunday but we will not have our customary 5th Sunday Potluck Luncheon that day (as it falls on the same weekend as our Women’s Retreat). Therefore, we WILL have 2 services on September 30, but will only have ONE service the following Sunday, October 7th, at 10:45 AM followed by our traditional potluck luncheon.



FUMC Sachse has entered a new era: the age of anytime, anywhere giving. We are signed up with Givelify, the mobile giving app for places of worship and charities. You can give to FUMC Sachse whenever you want, from wherever you are. To make your mobile donation the best experience possible, we recommend you download the Givelify app for Android or iPhone or you can access it via desktop or here. Givelify gives you a beautiful, easy giving experience using your smartphone. There are no frustrating web forms or text-to-give codes to memorize. Even better, it’s free to download and use. It’s totally safe and secure, and for tax time you have one-tap access to your complete donation records.