Adult Ministries
Nick at Nite: Mark Madness
Sundays @ 6PM
Join Pastor Nick for "Nick at Nite," a new Sunday evening class for adults starting in March at 6 PM. No homework or preparation required -- just show up and join the conversation! March’s theme is "Mark Madness" ~ a guided journey through the Gospel According to Mark.  If you're curious about our sacred scriptures and desire a deeper knowledge of and love for our Savior, then this class is for you.
Childcare is available for $10/hr/child during our Sunday evening class.   Reservations for childcare are required by calling the church office, and are due by the previous Thursday at noon. If it becomes necessary to cancel your reservation, please do so before 2 pm on that Sunday.

Adam Hamilton's "Creed" 
Tuesdays @ 7PM, Triple Classroom

Have you asked yourself, "What do I believe?" Or do you want to reconnect and renew your foundation as a believer? Join us for a study of Adam Hamilton's book Creed: What Christians Believe and Why led by Angela Carmichael. This study is for anyone seeking faith and answers to "What Do I Believe?" as expressed in the Apostles' Creed. For us as Christians, the beliefs expressed in the Apostles' Creed are foundational. The book can be purchased in hardcover or Kindle format at

 Sunday Morning Studies for Adults

Outlanders Sunday School Class
Sundays @ 9:45am
A class that lovingly pursues questions of faith, spirituality, and life.

New Wired Seekers
Facilitated by Bob Stroud
Main Church Building
Triple Classroom
Sundays @ 9:45am

The New Wired Seekers Adult Sunday School Class is about spiritual growth. Currently, the class uses The Wired Word as a resource. The Wired Word uses contemporary news events and associated scriptural references to ask interesting questions that motivate class discussion. Because the selected news event is different each week, members can attend when they can without depending on prior lessons. As an outreach, the class packs snack bags for the Recreational Outreach Center (ROC) in Garland, whose mission is caring for teenagers using Christian activities after school. Previously, the class studied the works of Adam Hamilton, such as Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White concerning the role of faith in political contexts, and the book Other Worldviews, Faiths, and Religions, and How They Compare to Christianity from a book by Fritz Ridenour to help elevate our understanding of other faiths.

The class meets Sunday mornings between the first and third service in the triple classroom in the adult wing closest to the outside door. Bob Stroud is the facilitator and provides hardcopy of each week's lesson materials.

Open Door - Adult Bible Study
Facilitated by Lynn and Kay White
Main Church Building
Jeanie White Classroom
Sundays @ 9:45am

Open Door is a Sunday school class open to anyone both member and guest alike. We study the Bible in open discussion. We pray for those in need and take up an offering for them each week. We are a fun and friendly group with social gatherings throughout the year, and we volunteer together in several different areas of the church's work.


Walk to Emmaus



The Walk to Emmaus is a spiritual renewal program intended to strengthen the local chruch through the development of Christian disciples and leaders. It begins with a 72-hour experience of God's grace for you in new and unique ways. The three-day Emmaus experience and follow-up groups strengthen and renew Christian people as disciples of Jesus Christ and as active members of the body of Christ in mission to the world. Information specific to the Dallas Emmaus Community can be found here.